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lenmar-ultralaq-laquerLenmar’s® UltraLaq® 1D.33X Series

Lenmar’s® UltraLaq® 1D.33X Series products are pre-catalyzed nitrocellulose lacquers designed for professional woodworkers who demand maximum performance in a high solids, ready-to-spray finish. These products are formulated to be used as a shelf-stable precat, with 12 months of shelf life. Use the 1D.33X Series directly on properly prepared wood as a 3-coat self-sealing system. If a sealer is desired, use UltraLaq® 1C.380 Quick Dry Vinyl Sanding Sealer. Use within 12 months from date of manufacturing.


 Lenmar Lacquer is available at Northside Paint & DecoratingLenmar’s® DuraLaq® 1LL.68X Series

Lenmar’s® DuraLaq® 1LL.68X Series, high build, 28% solids, production lacquers are ideal for most interior wood surfaces. Its primary benefits include exceptional amount of solids for build and fast drying. Only the highest quality raw materials are uniquely blended into this lacquer which gives this production topcoat its high build and easy application. This finish will give quick packing and shipping times, and allow for quick construction and processing. This lacquer is pre-mixed in four separate sheen levels.


lenmar-ultralaq-sealantLenmar’s® UltraLaq® 1C.380

Lenmar’s® UltraLaq® 1C.380 high performance, precatalyzed vinyl modified sealer is a quick drying, water white sanding sealer. This vinyl sealer is exceptionally fast drying, often times dry to sand in less than 15 minutes. It will serve as an excellent foundation for any of Lenmar’s® topcoats and will act as a barrier against moisture. An additional benefit is that vinyl sealers can provide a higher level of protection against the possible existence of imbedded surface contaminants by helping to control the appearance of unwanted fisheyes. Showing excellent penetration and adhesion into properly prepared interior wood surfaces, this fast drying, water white is ready-to-spray. Use UltraLaq® 1C.380 with confidence under any of Lenmar’s® Acrylic Coatings, Precatalyzed Lacquers or Conversion Varnishes. No reduction of 1C.380 is required.


lenmar-quickstainLenmar’s® QuickStain Oil-Based Glaze

Lenmar’s® QuickStain Oil-Based Glaze has been uniquely designed for the professional woodworker. It has a quick dry time (in most cases, ready to topcoat in 1-3 hours) and a smooth, easy application for brushing, wiping or spraying. This glaze is ideal for doing edging, brush strokes, grain looks, padding, or antiquing.

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Lenmar’s® 1M.430X MegaVar® Series of non-yellowing, high solids, conversion varnishes is designed for the professional woodworker who demands maximum performance and clarity in a finish. Once catalyzed, this fast drying varnish offers superior protection against moisture and household chemicals. The high solids formula builds to a beautiful and exceptionally durable film that will fully cure within 2 – 5 days after final coat. The varnish requires the addition of 4 ounces of 1A.622B Catalyst (3%) per single gallon. As the catalyst is incorporating into the system, a chemical reaction begins that cross-links the molecules within the film together upon application. Only catalyze enough varnish that will be applied in an 8 – 12 hour period. This conversion varnish is recommended as a self-sealing finish over properly prepared interior wood surfaces. For those application requirements where higher build is desired, use Lenmar’s® MegaVar® Plus,1M.5300 series conversion varnishes.

The Ultra UniLaq® 1M.97X Series products are unique cellulose acrylic butyrate (CAB) lacquers designed for woodworkers demand ultimate clarity found only in a true non-yellowing solvent-borne lacquer. 1M.97X Series products are unlike traditional nitrocellulose lacquers in appearance; they offer resistance to moisture, exceptional solids content and ready-to-spray viscosity. These fast drying acrylic butyrate lacquers provide a durable finish that will resist cold checking and remain crystal clear over time.