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Discover the Power of Color with our Complete Benjamin Moore Paint Color Center!

Tools and Accessories That Make a Difference

We believe in providing you with the right tools and accessories to make your color selection process seamless. Our 3oz. & ½ pint paint testers are designed for the purpose of viewing what real paint will look like on your walls or foam-core boards. We recommend moving the samples around and experimenting with different locations and lighting conditions to ensure you make the perfect choice. All of our samples are available in an Eggshell finish. Once you've found your ideal color, we can customize it further by offering it in a variety of finishes including Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl(Satin), Semi Gloss or High Gloss.

Why is Color Selection So Important?

To select the perfect color for your rooms you should be aware of the variables that will affect the appearance of your color selection. An important consideration is your lighting – there are more choices than ever before with types of lighting – each has a tremendous affect on what your color will look like. The furniture, carpet, window coverings and accessories will also play a role in the final appearance since they reflect on one another to alter the color. Be sure to check out our Interior & Exterior paint options so you can be ready to tackle your painting project.

Your Vision, Beautifully Transformed

At Northside Paint & Decorating, our complete color center has over 3500 different color options to choose from, we understand that selecting the perfect paint color is more than just picking a shade. It's about considering all the elements that can impact how color appears in a space - from lighting fixtures and furnishings to natural light and wall texture. Let us guide you through this journey!

Expert Assistance for a Truly Personalized Experience

If you need additional guidance or recommendations, our team of experts is here for you. We understand that choosing the right color can be overwhelming, but we're passionate about helping you bring your vision to life. If you’re stuck, let us recommend a color that complements your space and reflects your unique style. Reach out and inquire about a specific product or finish type you’re looking for.

Our Design Center

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